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    Instructions call for 2x double gears (part #106); but then require 4x double gears (part #106). There are only 4 single gears included. There are also 4 single (part #107) gears included; but these do not mesh with the 106 gears (and are not required for use anywhere else in the instructions. Using the 107 gears in place of the missing 106 gears will not allow the ladder to extend. Help!

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    Dear grpalmer01, we're on it. Will provide you with recommendation tomorrow


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      Hello @grpalmer01,

      there is a mistake in the assembly instruction for "Set of Additions to UGM-11 Truck". We’ve already corrected it.
      In fact there are two pairs of parts #106 and 107 in the kit. So, after assembling you'll get two double gears #106 and two double gears #107.

      The order of installing the component parts after the part #105 should be the following: the gear #106, then the gear #107, then the gear #106 and then the gears #107 (105->106->107->106->107)
      Feel free to contact us for any support

      Have a nice day,
      UGEARS Team